For 50 years, Upsilon Chapter of Delta Tau Delta is proud to call our Shelter on Sunset Terrace home. Originally an auxiliary dorm for GI’s after WWII, our Shelter was constructed from the ground up specifically for use by Upsilon Chapter. Since 1959, the 13000 square foot Shelter has allowed us to isolate the 23 “dorm” rooms from the rest of the house, making academics and maintaining a social life both possible under one roof!


Our 700 square foot industrial kitchen allows for the planning, preparation and procurement of large meals by our Steward. It is here that we can proudly boast having the best food on campus. It is fully equipped with pots, pans, a large pantry, and top-of-the-line appliances including:

  • Industrial Natural Gas Range with Six Burners, Two Ovens, Broiler, and a Cast Iron Griddle
  • Industrial Deep Fryer
  • Dish/Silverware Sanitizer and Sterilizer
  • Industrial Refrigerator
  • Industrial Freezer
  • 10 Quart Industrial Mixer
  • Professional Meat Slicer
  • Industrial Food Processor

Dining Room

The dining room is where the entire brotherhood eats five sit-down dinners per week cooked by our Steward. On weeknights after dinner, the dining room is quiet from 7-11pm for studying. (657 sq ft)

“Spud Pit”

Our living room, known as the “spud pit” is a room full of couches surrounding a 42 inch plasma TV. You will often see brothers relaxing, watching movies, watching TV, or playing games in the spud pit. Additionally, we have a fireplace and pool table in the spud pit. (1445 sq ft)


We are fortunate enough to have a vast library of textbooks available to all of our brothers in the study. In fact, it is frequent that our brothers will not have to buy books for an entire semester. Chances are if you need a textbook, it is in the study. With a couch and table, the study also provides another quiet place to finish work outside your room. (250 sq ft)

“Time Warp”

Hidden in the kitchen is our “Time Warp”, otherwise known as a chapter room. Many awards can be found hanging in the time warp as well as old pictures and memorabilia. Additionally, the time warp is home to our own house server and printers. Most of our back work for classes is stored on our house server, making it easily accessible to all of our brothers. We have two printers, a black and white laser printer, and a color laser printer/scanner/copier combination. Our brothers can use both printers for free. (200 sq ft)

Party Room

Upsilon Chapter of Delta Tau Delta does have parties! In our party room, you will find our professional DJ sound system, foosball table, darts, and our trophy case. Residing inside our trophy case are old Delta Tau Delta memorabilia, tributes to deceased brothers, and trophies that we have won. (1100 sq ft)

Weight Nook

Fitness is extremely important to some of our brothers. As such, we incorporated a weight room into our Shelter, complete with a sound system. The weight room features a home gym system, punching bag, dumbbells, and much more!

Beach Volleyball Court

Located on the side of the house, you can often find our brothers playing volleyball on our beach volleyball court when it is nice outside. In the winter, we sometimes transform the volleyball court into an ice skating rink.

Fire Pit/Amphitheater

Our large fire pit allows us to have many bonfires throughout the year. With stadium seating surrounding the fire pit, the fire pit/amphitheater is a great place to relax and hang out late at night. Next to the fire pit is one of our two large grills. Our steward does 1-2 pig roasts per year using this grill. Additionally, we will occasionally have barbecues and eat dinner outside.

A room

A Room

No “dorm” room at Upsilon Chapter of Delta Tau Delta is alike. The occupants can be creative with how they layout, furnish, and decorate their rooms.. Here is one example of a room. The occupant has a 1000 watt 7.1 home theater system, a 42 inch plasma tv, two couches, a desk, vanity, coffee table and a lofted bed.

Another Room

Another Room

Just to show that no two rooms are alike, here is another one. This brother decided to paint the walls with different color squares. His bed is semi-lofted and is living comfortably with a tv, two couches, a surround sound speaker system, and coffee