Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is a fraternity?

A: A fraternity is a University recognized student organization composed of individuals who have joined together with others students for support, assistance, and common interests. They each have their own unique secret rites and a name consisting of Greek letters that express the ideals or values that are important to their organization. Through common experiences centered around the pursuit of higher education, service to the community, development of leadership skills, and friendship, members of fraternities build relationships that last far beyond their college years.

Q: What is the Recruitment process like?

A: It’s about meeting new people and making new friends. The chapter hosts various recruitment events on campus each semester and throughout the state all summer long that will give you a chance to meet our members, check out what we have to offer, and find out if Delta Tau Delta is the right place for you! Please visit our Rush Calendar for more information on these recruitment events.

Q: Do I know of any Delts?

A: Since our founding in 1858 there have been over 150,000 men initiated into Delta Tau Delta and we currently have over 6,000 undergraduate members and a network of over 117,000 living alumni members all over the world. Maybe you know a Delt personally, but even if you don’t, it’s likely that you’ve heard our members’ names or seen their faces many times before. For a list of notable or famous Delts, such as Will Ferrell, click Here.

Q: What is Pledging like?

A: The pledging process focuses on learning about the history, mission, values, and fundamental principles of the fraternity and the chapter. During this time, you will also learn how the chapter operates as an organization both at the local and national levels. The pledge period is also a chance to take advantage of all the academic, social, leadership, and service opportunities the chapter has to offer, and to see what Delta Tau Delta can do for you. Most importantly, the pledge period is about building friendships with the guys you will soon be calling your brothers as well as with students all across campus.

Q: Will I be hazed?

A: NO. Delta Tau Delta and Upsilon Chapter do not tolerate any form of hazing or abuse of our pledges, members, or anyone at all. We firmly believe that you cannot build someone up towards excellence by tearing them down first. See the sidebar for our hazing policy. Our membership expectations are built on academic standards, campus and chapter involvement, and honorable conduct. Things that will help you to get more out of college, not distract you from your goals.

Q: Does it cost money to join?

A: Yes, because Delta Tau Delta is a self-supported organization, we have membership dues that fund the programs, events, and opportunities that we provide to each and every one of our pledge and active members. In addition we have a large chapter house near campus where members can live, so there are room and board costs for those members who choose to live-in that cover all of their student housing needs, including a meal plan.

The old stereotype that fraternity membership is expensive is actually not the case at all. Membership in Delta Tau Delta, including living in the chapter house, is comparable to living in dorms, and provides far more activities, academic support, and opportunities. All of the chapter’s financial commitments are presented before pledging.

Q: What is living in the chapter house like?

A: Our house, or Shelter, is the perfect combination of living, recreation, and study environments provided at a lower cost than residence halls. We have an awesome location right on Sunset Terrace, well within short walking distance of classes. With over 13000 square feet of space in our house, our rooms are some of the most spacious you’ll find with single and double options. Each room has wireless internet, digital cable (with DVR), and the ability to personalize your room through any reasonable renovations! The house itself has an elected cook, or steward, and a meal plan. If there’s a certain dish you like it’s easy to put it on the menu, something you can’t do in the dorms. We also have a great fitness/weight room, laundry room with multiple washers and dryers, tv room, darts, foosball, and a pool table. We strive to provide all the amenities that students need to be comfortable, successful, and safe. Our Shelter has been a great home away from home for generations of Delts!

Q: What kind of time commitment is there in joining?

A: The fraternity offers its members many opportunities that they can choose to take advantage of. Like any organization, there are general membership expectations.. Our weekly house meeting (or pledge meeting), and major chapter events such as community service are the basic commitments we ask of our members. Each semester is planned out well in advance, so plenty of notice is given for any time commitments asked. Beyond that, it’s up to how involved you wish to become. Delta Tau Delta will assist in teaching you to effectively manage your time and balance your family, academic, work, fraternity, and social commitments, helping you to create a well-rounded college experience. Everything we do is intended to add to and enrich your time in college, never take away from it.

Q: How will joining the fraternity affect my grades?

A: Succeeding academically prepares us for our futures, and that’s the reason we attend college. As a student, academics should be your primary concern, and Delta Tau Delta seeks to add to your academic success, never distract from it. This is why Delta Tau Delta requires all of its members to maintain a minimum grade point average for membership. We work to provide a wide array of resources available through the fraternity to help you succeed scholastically including back tests and a library of school books.