We, the brothers of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, take pride in over 130 years of brotherhood on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus. We are a values-based social fraternity that holds itself to our foundations of truth, courage, faith, and power. Through philanthropy, academics, and social events our fraternity is a leader of RPI’s campus. Nationally, Delta Tau Delta consistently ranks among the top of all Fraternities with regards to academics, an achievement all brothers take pride in. For the last 5 years, Delta Tau Delta has found itself either at the top or near the top in terms of GPA. Additionally, in the past few years, many brothers have decided to become teaching assistants for various classes at RPI.

Although academics are extremely important, Delta Tau Delta is also a social fraternity. As such, we have numerous parties, sorority mixers, and brotherhood events every semester. More proper social events include a formal every fall and a semi-formal every spring. Delta Tau Delta is extremely active around RPI and the neighboring communities. We participate in numerous community service activities including Relay for Life, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and improving Frear Park.

Upsilon Chapter of Delta Tau Delta is making strides in becoming the first green fraternity in the country with our $1 million dollar renovation fund through the Delts Initiate Green project. It is a point of pride for all brothers to live in the first solar powered fraternity house in the nation. Our house is indicative of our motto: “Committed to the Lives of Excellence.” Delta Tau Delta provides all brothers with the atmosphere to succeed in all aspects of life – both academically and socially.

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